University is a place where students meet different characters and situations that keep them on their feet or sweep them downhill. It is normally a transition in almost every aspect of life. After high school, teenage-hood follows some students into campus. There are many questions already being asked in each student’s head, but adding these other questions makes the situation worse.

1.Umemaliza Assignment?

Have you finished the assignment? This question is scary. It is outright discriminating and when asked puts the student closer to hell! Finishing assignments on campus is a hard task with everything that’s going on around students. This question hence should not be asked oftenly.

2. Wewe ni Fresher

Are you a Freshman? No student has ever been proud of being new ‘meat’. It degrades ones reputation. We all know freshers don’t have an idea of what is going on at school in their first semester. This question pricks almost any student’s ego.

3. Umeokoka?

Religion is a serious matter even out of campus. In Universities, students like to keep it private without proclaiming their faith. Asking a student if they are saved tends to scare them off from you.

4. Uko single?

Questions on relationships are always numerous on campus. Students want to know who’s dating who. The question becomes overrated because no one ever reveals their true relationship status. It’s complicated!

5. Class ni saa ngapi?

Have you ever received a call or a random text on Whatsapp on what time the class is on? I bet you have, and the feeling is suicidal! No student likes being reminded on an idea that there will be a class later that day when they haven’t even brushed their teeth.

6. Wewe ni Tribe gani?

Universities are filed with students from all over the Country and asking about ones tribe does not make it any easier for a first impression. University students live like a community and asking for ones tribe tends to extradite them.

7. Lecturer amefika?

It is always boring to attend classes right? Now when someone asks whether the lecturer has arrived you just look at them the way I look at Chapati that is not shaped like a circle. You get angry.

8. Umelipa rent?

Kenyans answer some questions with other questions because they feel offended. Students have that trait too. If you ask if one has paid their rent, they would probably ask whether you are the owner of the hostel!