MKU is ranked the 7th best higher learning institution in the country. It comes 2nd best university in the private universities, right after Strathmore University.

Here are some pointers that make MKU stand out:

  1. MKU is located in the heart of Thika town, Kiambu County. The school has a polite setting. It offers a wide range of courses from education, law, engineering and health sciences to mention a few.

2. It is not 35 minutes from Nairobi. That’s what they all claim, until you get into a car and arrive there an hour later or if traffic heavy two hours tops.

3. The relationship between students and the administration is free. I mean, any student can storm into an admins office and speak their mind out. Grievances and suggestions are dealt with in a firsthand basis. The communication is both formal and informal, you can call a lecturer on phone. Try that in UoN or any other university where you only get to see the VC during your graduation at a distance.

4. They conduct peaceful demonstrations. Again, I’ll compare the university with UoN, strikes and demonstrations are as peaceful as they can be. According to a student, they may block the entrance of a lecture halls and that’s it.

The Journey Week at MKU

5. They have cool study villas. This was the best feature, MKU has. The villas are equipped with charging ports and open Wi-Fi. You don’t even have to go the library when you can enjoy fresh air as you feed on information.

6. Meal cards. This was the most interesting part, you stay in school in the hostels and get to be cooked for. Long hours in the lecture hall, tired, no need to worry about hustling for food. Use your meal card and feed.

7. Students’ residential areas have names like Runda and Westy. A student said he lived off school in Runda, thought that would be a hustle commuting every day from Nairobi to Thika only to be told it is a residential areas.

8. Tuition fees are pocket friendly. Most courses are ksh. 60,000 per semester (actuarial science, criminology & security management, BBICT amongst others).

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