An 83-year old Canadian man claims to be Justin Bieber’s oldest fan as he has legally changed his name to show his dedication to the 20-year old pop star.

The name change that came as a total surprise to the man’s wife and family still don’t understand how local authorities could’ve let such a change happen.

The 83-year old man who suffers from bipolar disorder has also tried to previously change his name to Bob Marley, Britney Spears and Madonna, but was always turned down by the Ontario government.

The name change came as a total shock to his wife and 6 kids who had no idea he had registered for such a name change

“This is totally ridiculous” comments his wife and partner for more than 54 years. “How can I trust my own government when they allow such idiocies to take place?”

The family is now threatening to sue the Ontario government to give him back his former name and for financial compensation for the terrible distress they have suffered.

The 83-year old man who had submitted a demand to the Ontario registrar for his name change is none the less very happy about his new identity and urges “all real Justin Bieber fans to do the same thing as soon as possible”.

A spokesman for the Ontario Registrar has acknowledged the case and assures the family that new measures will be instated to prevent further mishaps of this kind of happening again.

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