Leon Weche: All About Fitness And Health

Leon Weche is one man to watch as he has made a huge impact in the Health and Fitness sector.Following in his father’s footsteps in playing and coaching football,Leon played and loved football from a tender age all up through to high school.Here is his inspiring story in his own words of how he started out up till today:

What were you doing before you became a gym trainer/instructor?

I’m not a gym trainer, I’m a certified Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist. Before that football was my life. I lived, dreamt and slept football. I was hoping to become a pro soccer player and even played for Strathmore university in the Nationwide league. Everybody expected me to become big but I guess bodybuilding proved to be the path that’d lead me to success.

Leon during Musclemania 2015
Leon during Musclemania 2015

What challenges do you face?

Challenges are there in every profession but my biggest challenges is that personal trainers in Kenya sort of still undervalue themselves and give very low pricing and well some aren’t certified so they price out of desperation and this sort of makes the profession here in Kenya not seem like a successful career yet I believe personal trainers-and fitness in general-are just as important as the doctors and therapists around. We change lifestyles and improve lives. I wish trainers would stop charging out of desperation and give value to a very successful and futuristic career choice. This way we can inspire and even mentor young people who are passionate about fitness to study and take Fitness, Nutrition and Health as a career.

Why do you have so many tattoos on your body and what does each one mean?

I love and have always loved tattoos and my tattoos tell my story. They all have different meanings and as life goes on I keep adding. We all have a story to tell and I like to tell mine in tattoos. They mean a lot to me.


How many siblings do you have?

I have 2 siblings. My two handsome brothers, Lloyd and Tyrell and a very beautiful small sister, Lavender.

You seem to be quite a ladies man seeing that most of your clients are females.  How do you feel about this?

Haha, what is a ladies man? Well most clients are female because as I remember I did a study about 2 years ago and well in Kenya women are more aware of healthy choices and are more keen when it comes to health and fitness. Women listen are more keen and ready to embrace the lifestyle as compared to men and I also have had good results with my clients and I guess my work speaks for itself that way. Nonetheless thank you for the compliment.

Did you study nutrition in school or how did you become a nutritionist?

Yes, I studied Nutrition and Health in Kenyatta University.


What is your daily fitness schedule/daily routine?

Super busy, day starts at 0530h where I have my morning session at Colosseum Fitness Centre at Adam’s arcade. After that I have sessions with clients pretty much throughout the day from 0730h till maybe 2000h. I am also currently taking new clients for PT(Personal Training). If anyone is interested they can communicate via my social media, FB page: Leon Weche-Fitness or IG and Twitter at @leesthetics.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years from now?

Happy, successful, changing lives, mentoring and inspiring many people.

What motto do you live by?

Well I don’t live by a motto as such but the 2 things I believe in and well my next tattoos are “everything happens for a reason” and “c’est la vie” which is Frênçh for Such is Life.


 Any last words?

No dream is to small as there are no impossibilities. Staying FOCUSED and positivity are key to a non-stressful way of life. You can succeed in anything you do as long as you have the passion, willingness and drive to succeed. And also remember success has different meaning to different people so have goals, set out to achieve them and remember every time to achieve a goal or complete a task in whatever profession you are…that right there, is success, a step forward.