Studying Law? 6 Things You Need To Know


Are you among the guys who think all lawyers are good liars or they are just good debaters? Like did you question why they need a mean grade of a B in English to apply for a bachelor of law, while your overall grade is a C+?

According to a recent graduate he said,

“Generally, lawyers are not all good in arguments, actually most times we get deceived by our clients because they fear saying the whole truth. Plus another thing, we lawyers are different, not all go to court. Majority don’t.”

But first let me take you through what law is all about. You probably watched Suits, Drop Dead Diva, How To Get Away With Murder and the likes, and think there has to be a court house involved, a jury involved, vocabularies such as I object, your honor. Well it isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Here are 6 myths on being a lawyer crushed:

  1. You don’t have to be good in debating. You don’t have to have amazing argumentative skills. However, with that being said, lawyers have to be eloquent and effective communicators. But really who doesn’t?
  2. Well law doesn’t necessary revolve around solving mysterious murders and finding out who is guilty or not. There is corporate, government and politics law such POTUS Obama or even negotiation and conflict resolution as a mediator.
  3. Another stereotype is that, once you study law and become a lawyer that is an automatic financial ladder. Sources indicate that a legal career can pay well, but it takes time and great expertise to get there.
  4. Another myth on lawyers, that female lawyers are usually cold and emotionless. Well, let’s see how true that is.
  5. The practice of law is elitist. People think law is for a specific type. Remember when our parents only wanted us to either study medicine or law, because you won’t have to introduce yourself the next time you are in the next village. Since everyone will have already known who you are?
  6. Hiring a lawyer is always expensive. Kenyans you should all know your rights. From the wealthy person to the low income earner, one is eligible for subsidized legal aid.

So no need to freak out if you are interested in studying law, it could be the best thing you do!


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