Is the classic here comes the bride song over done? Over rated? Too mainstream? How about these songs which are many times overlooked?

  1. Ndihamba nawe by Mafikizolo

The only way you can know which song am talking about, is if you heard we bhuti we bhuti, we bhuti mina ndihamba nawe. The lyrics instantly tell which song this and that’s when you start dancing or humming to it. The song translated means I’m going with you. It’s that song that will make your heart skip a beat or smile or want to sing to your significant other. You won’t want this missing at your wedding.

  1. Wedding day by Brenda Fassie

Another classic that’s great for the wedding day. You could dance to all day long. The song translated means the mother in law wants the gate opens, she tells the gossiper that her baby boy is getting married, and they shouldn’t be jealous, her son has had a good catch. What better song to play on a wedding day. Plus it has a catchy tune to it.

  1. Still by Liquideep

Another South African song that never gets old. One of the songs played when the bride walks down the aisle. I mean what better way to love her, till time stands still than to play it on her wedding day.

  1. Nikikutazama by H_art the band

Vocals and poetry into a fusion got people singing along to their Nikutamani. Definitely a deep love song. The poetry just takes it home.

    1. After all is said and done by Beyonce

From the movie Best Man, this is a deep song. Its lyrics are enough to make you want this song played at your wedding.

  1. Blake Shelton – God gave me you 

The slow beats, makes it a yes song to walk down the aisle. And the message conveyed in the lyrics if sang for, will make you smile all day long. You will definitely fall in love with this song in mysterious ways.

  1. I’m sure it’s you by Shelea Frazier

This got to be the most beautiful love song, this is the song if played in Titanic would make you cry. It is the wedding song that takes it home. How better way to assure your better half that’s its them, if not dedicating this sing to them.

Any other wedding song you feel we have left out? Tell us below.