This Monday we are crushing on Robert Orwa also known as Drumlove or better yet Robby Voice. He is a living testimony of the phrase tall, dark and handsome. He is that guy who was given all the talent in the world. He sings, He raps, He MCs, He dances, He choreographs, beat/concept producer I could go on with the list. He is also Third Hand’s Manager

See it for yourselves, His YouTube channel: Robby VOICE254.


When did it all start and why music?

Music has been in me ever since i was young… coming from a musical background it was like a must for you to have been in something artsy.

How many siblings do you have? Is your family musical?

I come from a very huge family.. my dad was the musician and i have three mothers which makes us thirteen .. we would be having our own in house concerts time to time performing for each other and a must to have been using our gifts in church.

How many musical instruments can you play?

I play drums (most favorite) piano, guitar and percussive instruments.

Which famous musician have you learned from?

I have no musician that I put on pedestal. Each and every artist mainstream or not has something to offer on my table and its something that never limits me with what I do and how I do it.

Does Robby Voice dance? 

Yes i do dance… i even choreograph routines.


How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Mistakes on stage get casual by the minute.. but its what makes the experience enjoyable. the show has to keep going.. people did not buy tickets to see you whine on how you went off key or tripped during a routine. i always say; another stage another page.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Balancing my music and what i do is easy because it is all about music… i do not major in anything else.. My music funds my music and my investments as well

Is music in line with what you studied/studying?

I tried journalism but it was not my passion.. hearing my alarm in the morning to go for an interview or studio will not get me grumbling in bed


What challenges your music growth?

Challenges to my music are the things i see and learn everyday… there is always something new a day has to offer… its more like class and the school fees being life, because without it you cant attend the next class… and seeing the vast creativity of gifts around the world and how ideas get executed makes me feel like I can do the same for i am no different from them and that’s what keeps me going!

Your music achievements?

Achievements would be a Rap Cypher trophie from PAWA 254 Vol. 4 ..a musical i featured in called ‘Dreamgirls’ that really burst my career open.. i have got to play for profound artistes in the game and got to tour around the world playing different sorts of music

Ever shared a stage with your brother, Ken Orwa of Third Hand music?

Yes i share a stage with my brother.. Ken Orwa.. all the time because am their drummer and manager.. each and every time is a thrill getting to work with them because we are family with the rest of the members as well and pitching ideas in terms of music directing because we always want to keep certain standards and keep raising our bars high!!

#MCM Third Hand Music Giving Sauti Sol A Run For Their Money!

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

Robby Voice in another lifetime i would probably be an engineer.

If Varcity conducted the same exact interview in 2021, what would be different?

I should have had a couple of albums out with a couple of awards. Signed a few artists and we would be at my studio having you write out my next article.

We wish Robby all the best in his musical endeavors.