On Saturday 27th August 2016, all roads led to Meru for the biggest and most anticipated Diamond performance in Nairobi.

The show which was held at the Meru National Polytechnic Institute had about 3000 people in attendance most of whom were students. It had been organized by Washanati Classics in partnership with Radio Maisha as the official media sponsor and FastJet who flew in the artists.The show kicked off as early as 9pm with Mc Leno warming up the crowd with his jokes. The deejay for the event- Dj Nocturnal spun tunes from all over East Africa and beyond.

There were two dance crews- FYMBA and Shiners who opened up the stage with tantalizing performances at about 10pm then artists from Meru and Coast performed all through to 12 midnight.


The artists were Teti, Reyna, Koffi Machete,Otile Brown and a few others.


Jalango and Fred Omondi then came onstage to give t-shirts to the overzealous crowd plus warmed up the crowd by dancing and cracking jokes. Gaddafi of Maisha Mzooka was also there with fellow comedians to hype up the crowd who were quite delighted to see him.


Churchill who was to attend the show did not make it but passed his greetings. Colonel Mustapha and Timmy T Dat also gave stellar performances and were received very well by the crowd. At about 1am Nameless came onstage to the delight of his fans and gave an electric unforgettable performance which made the crowd go into frenzy.

DSC_0081 (1)

Dressed in all white and backed up by his two female dancers, he sang all his hit songs ‘Karibia’, ’Sinzia’, ’Coming Home’, ‘Deadly’ amongst others. He was then joined by Mr.Lenny for ‘Juju and a few other songs which really made the crowd excited.

Deejay Wesley then took to the decks for about half an hour as Jalango and Fred Omondi entertained the crowd. Diamond Platinumz, who had arrived at the venue at about 2am in a white Cherokee car together with his dancers and manager in a separate car, was guarded by heavy security and dogs as he took to the stage at 2:30am.

The crowd went wild as he sang hit song after hit song like ‘Bado’,’Nasema Nawe’, ’Utanipenda’, ’Kidogo’,’Coco Baby’,’Mbagala’,’Number One’,’Nataka Kulewa’ for two straight hours with several camera people trying to get good photos of him on the stage and being asked to leave the stage by the organizers from overcrowding him apart from three official cameramen who were part of Diamond’s entourage.

The crowd sang word for word, while afew ladies were called to dance onstage with him with a young guy called Kimathi who rapped the part of Chege TMK Wanaume in one of Diamond’s songs getting cheers from the elated crowd.Diamond was then whisked away after five minutes due to the mammoth crowd who tried to get a piece of him when he came out of the car to say hello to two disabled ladies.

The show then ended with the Deejay Nocturnal playing music mixes as the crowd exited from the venue between 4:30am and 5am.