Trap queen, trap house, trap music and now trap heaven. PAWA 254 was the place you should’ve been last Sunday for an event dubbed Trap Heaven.


Trap music is becoming a catalyst in seeing hip hop grow globally.

What’s trap music?

Waka Flocka Flame, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane just to mention a few, come to mind. It’s a genre of music that has heavy content in its lyrics and has a trademark sound that employs aggressive base lines. Trap music has a type of ambiance, something close to trance.


Atwal Adwok has localized trap and added more than just mere beats, that’s birthed something spiced up and original. 28th August saw him launch his album Trap Heaven. The event was a first of its own and attracted quite a number. Fans of trap, fashionable and hyped for the day.

Team Stoner Bring Us Another Trap Song, Buds by Mawinch and Boutross.

Entertainment was endless, DJ Fresher on the decks with performances from The Posse, Robby Voice on the drums, Atwal himself and other artists.


Varcity Kenya had a one on one with the main man of the event, this what he had for us.

#MCM Robby Voice: The Tall, Dark and Handsome Musician

Why name the event ‘’Trap Heaven’’?

I love trap . I am all about Trap. Heaven in this context meant it that brings you peace and bliss.

How often shall we expect this to happen?


Since this is a first one, and we can see its success, definitely will organize more such as this.

According to you, how was the turn out?

Well, the turn is okay. People really came out for this.


Same venue or different venues?

Different venue next time, see what other places have to offer.

Good music you guys have, are you trying to promote local music or there’s more to this than just music?

Music is our first priority. Localizing it makes it authentic. There are customized shirts and hoodies on sale, maybe a little bit of fashion.


The event was attended by a highly fashionable audience. African prints was well represented with a majority rocking something either a shirt, bandanas and dashikis. Food and drinks were available so was shisha. It was something close to a turn up party on a Sunday.

Do you like Trap? Would you say it is hip hop or nah? Tell us your thoughts below.