It has been a rough start to Presidency for Donald Trump. Hate has been a friend since he was declared President after the polls and fully inaugurated on the 20th of January this year. Americans voted but the results did not go according to the majority. Donald Trump won and since he took over office there’s been hate from every direction directed at him.

This week has been the most demeaning for him as various influential people and organizations have come for his neck. First Snoop Dogg released a video that shows him pointing a gun at a clown of the American President.

The reactions to that video has been enormous with fellow rappers supporting Snoop on that idea. President Trump has been known to always take his issues on twitter and he did not hesitate to give his reaction. He did tweet that if it was under the former president Obama’s regime Snoop Dogg would be in jail.

The music video is from Snoop Dogg’s new song titled BADBADNOTGOOD and was uploaded on YouTube three days ago. The recent hate came last night as one of the most famous food joint in America McDonald’s was caught up in a tweet expressing that President Trump is worse and Barrack Obama was better than him.

There was reactions from Americans and other nations on twitter on the tweet that was later deleted by their twitter handle @McDonaldCorp and claimed they were hacked. The company claimed that they were not responsible for the tweet but we still got screenshots for evidence. The hate seems to be flowing in Trump’s direction. At one time Everybody hated Chris, now Everybody hates Trump.