Your phone apps are important to hep you know whatis completely necassary in your phone. You  are  also able to maximise all you can find in your phone.

Here are top   5 apps you need to download asap!

Amp me

This app allows you to connect a bunch of smartphones to make a multi speaker setup. This free app can support your music library, YouTube, Spotify and Souncloud among other music sources. You can also link it to your Bluetooth speakers as well. The app is available for both IOS and android phones.


Image result for Snaptube

If you have been looking for apps to download your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms then look no more as this app now has you sorted out. This app gives you the option to add the URL manually and once the video is loaded you get an icon to download the video. It also gives you the option to choose the video resolution you prefer or audio as per your preference.


Image result for StopAd

The name can already explain what the app is meant for. It prevents unwanted ads and pop ups. This is one of the best apps meant for its job in the market and has very little to no impact on your battery life. This is definitely an app you must have if you have experienced those annoying adds in your favorite free apps. The app is also available for windows and IOS.


This app turns your smartphone into a gaming controller when playing games on your computer browser, T.V or laptop. All you have to do is pair your devices on You can pair multiple smartphones and have fun with your friends.


This app will help you create beautiful and attractive pictures and posts for your social media pages. The best part about this app is all the templates are in default resolution of the respective apps. This is definitely another app you got check out especially for those who like sharing inspirational quotes.