After complications arose during her delivery, Susan Nekesa was advised to go for a cesarean section at Kenyatta Hospital.

However, after the surgery, things took a wrong turn. Her health deteriorated and she lost one of her twins. The cause of her health complications could not be explained but after 10 days, the doctors realized that something had been done wrong during the surgery.

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Her intestines had been misplaced. A colostomy was performed, where the end of a large intestine is brought through an opening in the abdominal wall. Her family reported that she was left to cater for herself after going through the procedure.

According to a local media house Citizen TV the husband explained that in confidence, a nurse told him the baby choked to death as it was being fed on milk.

The acting KNH CEO Dr. Thomas Mutie has pledged that investigations would be carried out.

This comes after the institution has been battling with a poor image with botched surgeries and poor management at the hospital.