Perfect match by Ebru television has been going on for a while now and the drama never seems to end from dudes who can’t take rejection like Trap Chrome King to girls who show up with crazy demands that we are sure their parents can’t even full fill.

The latest has to be Tina who for the last two days has been the laughing stock for her hilarious demands. A 21 year old Tina says she is looking for a tall ‘chocolate’ guy who can treat her as the queen she claims to be.

That’s not all, the guy has to be well loaded and own at least a Prado if not a Range Rover;

KOT didn’t waste no time and they immediately decided to let her know what they think of her demands.

Here are the hilarious comments;

Funny thing is the guy Tina settled for didn’t seem like he even own a Subaru no disrespect to him. Three words for Tina; B*itch Be Humble