Controversial American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently nursing injuries he attained from an alleged robbery. This rapper is said to have been coming from editing a music video with his team when three men in hoodies strapped with guns attacked him, pistol whipped him to unconsciousness and ‘Kidnapped’ him.

The rapper somehow made it out from the scary ordeal a live but lost property estimated to be anywhere from $750K to $1000000 million most being chains. Meanwhile the rapper continues to make history. He released a new collaboration featuring Nicki Minaj titled “Fefe” which has hit over seven million views within just a day.

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Away from his usual aggressive style of rapping, 6ix 9ine is more calm and melodic on this one with the assistance of some auto tune. Black Chyna and top trap producer Murda beats also appear on the beat. Murda produced the song.

Check it out in the link below;