It seems like we have finally got a lady who is ready to talk about what she has had to do in order for her to be able to live a certain lifestyle. Having a ‘sponsor’ or rather a well off man by your side just for the financial support in exchange for sex or even a ‘relationship’ has somehow become a normal thing by now.

However, very few ladies would admit that there is someone behind the scenes funding the flashy lifestyles they are living. Yesterday Kenyan YouTuber Lisa Gaitho who is married to a Nigerian tycoon decided to give some advice to Kenyan ladies on what they can do so that men can easily give them what they want.

The video which went by the title of “How to get what you want from your man” had different suggestions like cooking for and serving your man, praising him and the crazy one being, wash him and apply oil on him among others.

Many Kenyans didn’t take that lightly and they decided to let her know that right below the video in the comment section. Here are some of the comments I sampled;