KU vs UoN
KU vs UoN

The current social site war of words between comrades of UoN and KU is not up to standards and is uncalled. Most arguments are baseless and do not reflect to the level of Education these Intellects are. It started as a joke, afriendly misunderstanding and now it is taking shape to be what Usalama Watch would call, Comrade Radicalization guided by the spirit and sense of belonging. This tension started late last year on the newly found, “Comrades Forum” of the UoN. Most KU comrades on the forum direct threw insults to there counterparts in UoN pointing their behaviours of daily rampages as childish. The Forum chief administrator then could not hold it and therefore chose to disown it and came up with another forum named, ” NEW COMRADES FORUM” to counter the effect of this disagreement and to streamline SONU politics.

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All went well until when the SONU elections were complete. This time round the row shifted the “Kenyatta University Comrades Forum” whereby the UoN comrades started throwing abuses and belittling KU as, ” The HighSchool along the Super Highway.” Its student leadership has been disregarded by these comrades who claims supriority as the mother of All Universities and the Center of Intellectualism. This has not been received well by the KU counterparts whose Student council President has sued one of the UoN’s Bigball Defence Force comrade alias, David Oyola for defarmation.

Kenya depends wholly on these institutions for growth, development and its sustainability in the future. These intellects should therefore solve there issues without engaging in verbal misuse of authority. KU as well as UoN are both ranked high according to Webometrics and therefore should respect each other. Instead of creating unnecessary panic and tensions. Remember we are all Kenyans AND MOST IMPORTANTLY we are all intellects. So let us engage each other on matters of Academic, social and national importance. I rest my case.

Erick Okoth