Nyayo Hostels- KU
Nyayo Hostels- KU

This Issue of ACCOMMODATION in KU is bringing headaches… Why cant KU benchmark With UoE or Even JKUAT on Accomodation policy!! As a JAB student, there is always that subsidized fee catered for by the govt for accomodation and is entitled to every JAB student, buh in every intake, 60% of the comrades Do not get accomodated meaning the 60% of the funds are not USED. This comrades have therefore have an option of PIRATING with their oldboys, cousins or brothers in campus Or face OFF CAMPUS accommodation which they pay almost 4 times what they should pay within campus……HARD REALITY!!

In JKUAT, All JAB students are accommodated both within and outside campus at the SAME cost. ALL PAY 4700 per semester, (proposed). This has saved them frm the wrath of the landlords who raise their rents whenever they feel like as the admin cater for the rest of the cost.

I therefore proposes that, the KU admin through the office of KUSA VP lobby for an MoU that will see both the Off campus and the Within campus hostels are paid at the same rate depending on the type of rooms.

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The issue of denying senior COMRADES there legitimate right to accomodation is UNCALLED for, Unrealistic and ill timed!! It may result to unnecessary commotions because even the senior students are vulnarable to the Outside Insecurity.

Corruption Should as well be investigated and be eliminated in the Accomodation department, that sees some vulnarable “FRESHERS” pay accomodation Fees through Mpesa to Ghost accounts, later to only find out that they were duped, most choose to keep silent because there lacks a Comrades Friendly complaints office in regard to Accomodation Matters!! These corrupt official enrich themselves as well by offering spaces for some who should not be accomodated within campus according to the UNIVERSITY ACT and Accomodation policies.

It might take long to realise this but we must put an effort, elect student friendly leaders and come up with timely and objective Policies that will see everyone benefits. In my opinion.

Kind Regards,
Erick Okoth