The Star girl has always had ways of dodging controversies but this time, it seems some people have found ways to make the Kenyan Socialite speak up.

Just recently, there was a ten year challenge that was going rounds all over the world but the business lady did not take part in the trend.

Several celebrities accepted the challenge and also Kenyans joined the trend sharing pictures of how they looked like ten years back and this drove several conversations online with some people saying that the only difference the specific pictures look different is that back then there were no filters or some of them dint know about make up.

Celebrities who topped the list included Njugush, Avril, Lilian Muli, Rashid Abdallah together with wife Lulu Hassan, Janet Mbugua among others.

Apparently, Huddah did not take the challenge and she has stood tall to say that her color has not changed even a bit since childhood and this has prompted the socialite to post a picture of her while still a baby captioning it with a message to her haters.

“Fuck y’all 10 year challenge … this is me as a baby in Huruma ….You know If you cum inside me ,This will be the byproduct 🤣 .
I don’t follow TRENDS coz I don’t follow crowds, I walk the other direction …. But I see y’all tryna Tarnish my beauty ….. I have always been the BADDEST!!! Gorgeous , Adorable since birth , NO SKIN COLOR Change!!! Acheni kuniwekelea💯💯💯
#BossBaby -> #BossChick
#kinghuddah👑#stargal⭐️” Huddah wrote on her gram.