AD Family El Cabrone : Revolutionizing Kenyan Hip-Hop As You Know It!


At first, I thought they were shy in a typical case of judging a book by the cover. But once you get to sit with the AD family, you learn that their cool and calm nature is actually a musical live wire bursting with creativity and ideas that could revolutionize the Kenyan music industry. As we sat for the interview in Jamhuri estate apartments, their demeanor let me know that they are onto something big.

Who is the AD Family?

The young men have an age range of 19 to 21. Though young, they have been hard at work in studio to develop a new sound for Kenya. For the last five years they have been writing and rapping. They now feel it is time to get their sound out and aim international. Despite facing challenges like lack of studio funds, previous failures and internal conflicts, The AD Family whose foundation is based on FAMILY which is the strongest unit in society, haven’t let anything put them down.

AD Family origins

They all grew up together in High-rise estate, and what is fascinating is that they were all footballers and not musicians. However, in 2009, they discovered their passion for music while listening to Camp Mulla and thus their inspiration to break into the music world. They each had their own niche of musical talent majorly in dance-hall and hip-hop, but currently Hip-hop takes mainstream as it is making a comeback in the Kenyan musical industry.

Musical Inspirations

Their favorite musical inspirations are Octopizzo and Camp Mulla.

Team Stoner..??

The self-proclaimed Team Stoner, are pro vegetarian and believe in being real, organized and ambitious in delivering what the fans want.

Mixtape Launch

Due to this, they have their upcoming EL CABARONE 4:20 mix tape launch party this weekend the 18th of April 2015.


The 18+ party that shall take place at Evergreen (appropriately named) on Kiambu road, promises to have something for everyone Including games, good music, and security and chill mode ambiance. Gates open at exactly 4:20 p.m. and party goes on till 4:20am. Among the performers shall be new artists mentored by the AD family, guest artists and members of the family itself.

Here is a song off their mix tape for you to know the songs during the event;


Listen to the Soundcloud here as well for more.

Stay tuned to Varcity for the pics and what went down at the gig.