Radio queen Adelle Onyago will be hosting 100 members of #TeamADELLE at an exclusive hangout at Victoria Plaza on September 2 from 2pm.

Dubbed Young Money, the session will be held in conjunction with Centonomy Limited, a financial literacy company that teaches you how to Create Wealth. Adelle Onyango explained, 

Centonomy Limited seek to empower people, both young and old on financial matters. Matters relating to investments, debt management, how to generate more income (own a business/hustle on the side) among other things, We believe that wealth creation needs to be the norm, not the exception, that it is possible for each and every individual to be wealthy. The earlier young people learn how to relate with money correctly and the earlier they learn how to grow their money (even pocket money), the better. It is never too early or too late to take Back Control of your money!!”

Adelle announced that at the Hangout there will be scholarships for Centonomy Campus Edition handed out.

This program is the kind that will make a young adult make headlines on top 40 under 40 and the likes. It exposes them to investment opportunities like buying shares, investing in treasury bills like M-Akiba, some even form investment groups and begin saving up to buy land among other properties. It really exposes them to the financial industry,” she added.

The hangout is advantageous to those who attend because “It’s not easy to get free, real advice on how to handle your money as a young person who wants to make a living off their talent or even start a business or just know what investments are good for you to make now while young!” Adelle said.

Adding, “I’m excited to announce that a few members of TeamADELLE who attend the hangout will get scholarships from Centonomy for Centonomy 101: The Personal Finance Management Program which is a founding program for the company.”


#TeamADELLE is made up of young passionate students in University who want to make a different. It is founded by Radio personality Adelle Onyango.

Because I’m passionate about my fellow young people! We are so misunderstood and I want to create a space where young people celebrate their individuality instead of having it labeled as being wrong. And also to give wholesome access to industry stakeholders that can really teach those of us at the beginning stages of our journey a thing or two. I want to build unity amongst young people,” Adelle said.

So far the family is growing day by day, we got over 1500 members so far and daily people keep registering on www.