ADULTS ONLY! Noti Flow Shows How Naughty She Is In New Video


Noti Flow has been known for being very open with her sexuality. From being openly lesbian, to featuring in the banned ‘Same Love’ video. You would think there is nothing left  to see  from her that can surprise us. NOT!

Her new video, ‘birthday cake’ leaves little to the imagination as she twerks her way on sexy toyboy.  They take it from the living room to the shower to the bed room.


Noti flow and her friends give the guy the time of his  life as they all have a chance at  him. He will definitely not be forgetting his birthday for a long time to come.

Here is the caption by Noti Flow off the nude shower photo;

This video is for SPONSORS only Male sponsors, female sponsors.. ‘for Sajid Kaka’ 18+ only, watoto nendeni muombe IDs mtume photocopy ndio muweze kuwatch Haters, #whatsgood? Go dislike my soft porn, you’ll add the views and al get paid 😜😉 Ha haa, am having fun tho.

She sure is.. The video was uploaded on March 13th and has over 15000 likes. The director is Edward Martins, same director as the popular Pombe bhangi video, wonder if this video will be banned. Watch the raunchy video below.

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