What happened here? This is the question you would ask if you get to school on the first day after recess. The silence and emptiness around there is sickening. The compound is always like a busy market with different kinds of people dressed in different fashionable sense, but on that day it is directly opposite. You would think a tornado swept over Daystar. The only people you would see in large numbers are the stuffs and the one way cleaners. The jovial students carrying books and chit chatting in groups of three or six are nowhere to be seen.

It has always been the norm that no one will show up on the first day of class after recess and now it’s more than a norm, it’s a tradition. Reasons being hangovers, tiredness, and long journey back etc. you know students and the way they are so good at justifying why they did not do what they are supposed to do. For those who manage to be present on that day, one can identify the sadness on their faces and the lack of satisfaction over recess having to end very fast. But all in all school has to continue as usual.

Recess come with its disadvantages the same as it comes with advantages. The number of students in class on that first week is very low and all that lectures do is complain as they have always done and they will always do. It’s a university and this is where students have the chance to exercise their so called unlimited freedom. The best part or some may call it the worst part is the fact that lecturers have come with a strategy to make the students be their despite being away the previous day. They intentionally place the mid-semester exam and CAT’s on that same week after recess. With that in plan, students at daystar have no choice but to be present on that very day with all the hangovers and fantasies.

I would classify the after recess syndrome as a diseases that cannot be eliminated or fully cured. It’s obvious that students engage in wild actives and wild parties while away and the consequence is dire. Some get little bit wasted while others get completely wasted. It creates an addiction within the system such that despite the fact that recess is over, students still create some small mini-recess around the school hostels so as to try and remain in the mood and never to leave. It’s an exciting moment and experience having to be away for four days and experience a lot. It’s quit evident that even the performance in those mid-semester exams and the CAT’s are extremely poor.

In such moments of classes being with fewer students, the only one’s present are the so called saved students. This is because they tend to engage responsibly since they consider that it only lasts for a short time and the next day school and studies must go on. They tend to know the right direction while the other party freaks think that they are backward and do not know what life is all about. These two teams run along different missions. The miss good tissue kinds say that life is to short one should be very careful of what they engage in while the not miss good tissue type say that a chance comes once in a life time so indulge yourself for you do not know what tomorrow holds for you. Which one do u agree with?