Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Aisha Noor just lost her son. She posted on Facebook last night about the unfortunate news of her son’s demise.


Her son was teething at the time, and Aisha had taken him to Mumias to bond with his older sister as she had not seen him since his birth due to work commitments. It would also give her time to resume work in Nairobi. She revealed about his condition prior to being taken to Mumias.

“My son had a mild running stomach and was throwing up. I assumed it was a growth milestone associated with teething as I had experienced it with my older daughter and seen the same with other children who are teething,”

Aisha, real name Truphena, disclosed that she received a call yesterday morning informing her that her son did not wake up. Apparently, he succumbed to measles. She however claims that she had him vaccinated at 10 months, a month later than the recommended time, so she isn’t confident that measles might be the cause of his demise.

What’s more sad is that the son was laid to rest before she could get back to Mumias in time for the burial, in line with Muslim custom. She however got support from her friend and fellow cast member DJ Shiti as well as from her fans on social media.

“Kama Mwenyezi Mungu alikuwa amepanga kuwa huyu mtoto atakufa, lazima hiyo ndio ilikuwa kijisababu.”