It appears Akothee isn’t out of the market just yet! The outspoken singer revealed in an interview with Larry Madowo that she won’t be tying the knot with her fiance which was scheduled for 5th November, 2016.

Following interrogation from the persistent Larry, Akothee said:

“… I come first. A man doesn’t give me conditions. Initially I wasn’t supposed to go to AFRIMMA. He (fiance) feels like music is taking too much of my time. So we had agreed I choose what’s best for me; so I chose music.”

Harsh, huh? Well, she seems to know what she wants and at the moment it doesn’t seem to be in a marriage. She however did say that we’ll have to just wait and be on the lookout for what might happen; so team mafisi step up quick!

Meanwhile, she got her hustle on at the Luo Festival with her would be wedding MC, Jalang’o. For a woman with an award winning music career and numerous business ventures going for her, she sure doesn’t seem to need a man! Go girl!