Akothee has brought a lot of drama in the last few weeks and we seem not to get enough of her. She has risen to music stardom from a simple taxi driver to one of the best female musicians we have in Kenya right now.

Just a few weeks ago she was riding around Nairobi streets in a 12 sitter Limousine and telling all Kenyan female musicians that she could pay them to stop singing. Akothee is a symbol of confidence and she has even titled herself MadamBoss.

She has a large family of 5 kids, three girls and two boys that she is rumored to have gotten from her various baby daddies. Akothee has shown the world that she is a family person and the best mum to her kids by her numerous posts on social media. She loves her sons and daughters that it has gotten some people jealous.

Recently she has gotten into a legal fight with one of her baby daddies who she claims is fighting for custody for one of her sons. According to her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/akotheekenya/ she has come out to criticize her White baby daddy of wanting to take responsibility of her son while he has never been involved in her child’s life.

The long post goes on to say that she cannot give her baby daddy responsibility over her kid when all he does is go around spending money on sex. This seems like it would end in a legal fight as the post explains that the White guy has at one time asked to take his kid to a school outside Kenya as he doubts the education system here.