The name already sells itself.  Akuku Afric Designs is all about African wear.

African Attire or African fashion has become a fashion phenomenon worldwide. African Attire is the latest buzz, and the very answer to trendy modern fashion.


Everyone wants to have “African attire” and there are enterprising designers and dressmakers that have emerged to meet this desire and demand. Denis Akuku is one of the enterprising Kenyans behind this latest fashion craze.

Creating contemporary designs with impeccable tailoring, Akuku Afric is a clothing line on the move. With countless clothing lines sprouting every day, Akuku is finding a sure way of standing out by offering stylish, authentic and affordable attires to the male populace.

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When it comes to fashion, historically guys have previously been more limited on options than women. Every year there are only ever a handful of new men’s fashion trends that hit the mainstream, resulting in dudes essentially wearing the same thing year after year.

But for guys looking to invest in something new especially this festive season, there’s a lot that Akuku Afric Designs offers outfits that easy to pull off and works on men of all sizes, ages and even occasions.


Blending the African fabric with modern styles, the designs manage to clearly bring out the very much desired ‘African’ feel in our dressing.

It is time to start thinking about putting away the unflattering wear and breaking into something new, fresh and boldly colorful. Whether or not you are the kind of guy who likes wearing color, Akuku Designs offer a variety of options and you can never be short of choice.


It’s time to reinvent your dressing and get that classy African look with promising fashion labels like Akuku Afric Designs. You can get in touch with the CEO through 0717555564.