Alaine has been in Kenya for the last one week and has thrown social media into frenzy by doing a song with gospel artist Willy Paul. The song which came out yesterday has already gotten more than 100k views on YouTube as of Thursday morning. Alaine has featured in the wedding as a bride getting married to Willy Paul who is the groom. Before the video was released there were pictures all over Willy Paul’s Instagram page on how the two had supposedly married. It brought a bit of waves on social media but that has since died down after the music video came out.

Kenya has proved to be an attractive spot for Alaine as we are now getting used to the idea of her being around us. Alaine has been a constant visitor to Kenya and has in the recent past expressed her love for Chapati and Kenyan men. She first did a song with Kenyan king of Dancehall Wyre the Lovechild called Nakupenda Pia and it made her fall in love with the environment of the country when she visited. Alaine has also featured Churchill show’s host Daniel Ndambuki and Smartjoker in her song Wafula which made her get used to the Kenyan vibe.

She has been in Kenya severally and was rumored to be dating The Trends Larry Madowo sometimes back when pictures of them getting cossy emerged on the internet. Her latest stint which is the music video by Willy Paul only proves beyond doubt that she is really feeling the Kenyan vibe. Her Swahili has also improved and even Kenyans themselves have started concluding that she might get her Kenyan passport soon and also participate in the coming elections!

We now know that it isn’t music that she’s doing in Kenya but also she does love the country. She loves Kenya compared to her home country that is all we can say for now.