As a “kawaida” campus dude or chic having alcohol and school on the same sentence is normal to us. We always tend to get loose by consuming alcohol as it is perceived by most of the campus going students as the easiest and most affordable way to have fun. We cannot discredit that as a mere fact because it the campus students who at most times fill nearly all the popular entertainment joints. With this has seen the rise of different Campus Nights depending on which campus you study at.

But the question that should be in everybody’s minds is-What does the average campus student consume?? What is the drive for them to consume those brands unlike other brands?? What is the ultimatum on the consumption of such brands?? Here is a review of what I presume and know are the most alcoholic brands consumed by an average campus student and they are in a random order;


Boosting with the tag “It’s neither a Vodka nor Gin” Konyagi has dwell amongst the average campus going student with its said smooth texture and quality, its with that that the Tanzanian alcoholic brand spirit has gain popularity. It’s pricing ranges from Ksh.450-Ksh.550 for 750ml bottle depending on the liquor store.





Kenya Cane also known as K.C across the board. K.C boost as a smooth cane spirit which is tripled distilled with fresh sugar cane for a clean taste and full flavour. K.C has gain popularity too and it ranges from Ksh.500-Ksh.600 for 750ml bottle.







Popov Vodka is also in the ranking simply because it is always an alternative from other available vodka. When you want to have “Kibao Vodka” and your local liquor store doesn’t stock it then this is “your side drink”. Ranging from Ksh.500-Ksh.600 for 750ml bottle Popov has played its part well as a great “side-drink” when Kibao is not available.





Kibao gained its popularity amongst the students by being the cheaper version of Smirnoff Vodka for those who loved vodka but were not able to afford. Its liking amongst students made it to be the ultimate “vodo” and as result, as they say-The more the demand, the more the supply and hence its pricing also shot up from the days of Ksh.350 to now Ksh.500 per 750ml bottle.







Perceived as the “Poor Man’s Vodka”, blue moon gained it massive break by being cheaper and most affordable alcoholic drink that could bring the needed “steam” to the average University student. Blue moon made great sales mpaka its now advertised on our local media which now has made it even to be more popular.”Unajua hata hii Bluemoon inaTaste tu kama Ciroc,so hakuna difference” lamented one of the students. Ranging from Ksh.400-Ksh.550 for 750ml bottle the spirit is here to stay.


Its pronunciation always depends with who you are and where you come from. Meakins came on the limelight to counter the already famous Blue moon which had made a stride in the alcohol market. Being cheap and could provide the same effect meakins made a made but it later got a blow when there were fakes flooding in the market. They have tried to make a designated mark of quality and it’s working. The Prices range from Ksh.350-Ksh.450 for 750ml bottle.





Becoming the latest entry into the Students market Legend Brandy got a niche for those who wanted another type of brand apart from the normal vodka which was becoming more monotonous amongst the students. Legend has stood the test of time and it’s becoming more and more popular because of being mellow and smooth. Ranging from as low as Ksh.350-Ksh.450 per 750ml bottle Legend will become the students’ favourite brandy.

The short analysis from the above mentioned is you will notice that the alcoholic drinks are affordable and are mostly vodka. You be the Judge.

Written By: Stephen Mathews

Facebook: Master Steve

Twitter: @MasterSteve_

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