For Ali Kiba, being on the spotlight and being compared to Diamond in every move he makes has turned out to be agood thing the pressure is on to perform and to release more hits and as he released his latest song Chekecha Cheketua. I cant help dance along, he has this classic vibe to the whole video a change from his past songs. He is more involving under a community setting, the dancers and actors are all on point and good to look at I must add. The dancing is off the hook but as we all know, Ali kiba can move. The video has been edited to fit the story line that’s a heads up Alikiba he yet proves his still east Africans number 1 Bongo artiste.

Thumbs up!

The video has been directed to suite the story line, you can easily dance to it and is not boring at all, of course the mammis in the video are fly. Trust Ali Kiba to feature the best and you can tell they are all from the mother land, there is a mixture of comic in the story line too but this is always expected from him, you will definitely catch yourself singing along to the lyrics.

Thumbs down

It doesn’t break out as you’d expect but being Alikiba he definitely has a strategy. We have grown to like his style so it’ll take time before we can get used to his style of music.

Here is the video and tell us what you think;

By @karanijanet