Ali Kiba new song indicates a love gone sour

Rumors kept on spreading Ali Kiba’s divorce that he has kept quite for sometime. A wedding that was attended by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho seems to have fallen apart.

Ali Kiba tied the knot in Mombasa after finding love in the beautiful serene city at the Coast. Well, he is one man who is welcome any time at the shores of Mombasa, thanks to the relationship he has with the governor.

His new song dubbed,” Mshumaa.” seems to talk about the divorce he is purported to have with his Kenyan beauty. He pleads in the song for the beloved to come back.

He seems to be in love with his wife still. He expresses that he has also fallen sick but with the love since no sickness is found. Ali Kiba wishes to see her again even if it means after his demise.

The song can also be attributed to the couples who fall in love and fall apart. He expressed the vows that people made but choose to go astray and move direct ways.

Watch it here by clicking the link.



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