Amani Brings Sexy Back In Her New Video BonBon

Amani has been on the low down for a long time and rumors were already spreading of her saying good bye to the Kenyan music industry. The industry that brought her fame, money and adoration from fans. Cecilia Wairimu better known by her stage name Amani has continuously hit the entertainment industry with some of her theme songs that made us fall in love with her.

Amani has managed to work with several artists throughout the years and her passion for her music and outstanding performance continuous to shine throughout with her winning several awards including the MAMA awards.  Some of the songs that many Kenyans identify Amani with include: Tonight, without you, kiboko changu and missing my baby. To prove that she is not yet done and she is here to stay, Amani has again dropped another show stopping jam. In collaboration with Washington, who is a Congolese Lingala live music maestro, the song Bonbon is dedicated to the partygoers. It is a song to dance to, listen to and learn from all at the same time.

Like all the other Amani songs, she persists in her quest to show the value and importance of a woman in the Bonbon jam.  Her dancers remain young, beautiful and sexy women who empower the others to engage themselves in such projects and continue to improve themselves.

In the music video, Amani courageously shows the three different sides a woman can embrace and still stand out. She reveals on what bringing sexy back is all about. This is seen in the beginning of the video. Here, she is dressed in high heeled black shoes, a white thigh high sexy salsa skirt and a black top. Her dancers look the same. Sweet, sexy and powerful. All their facials make up is on point.


In her second verse, we see her in the traditional Maasai necklace that usually represented the culture, tradition and beauty of many women not only in Kenya but in Africa as a whole. She puts her look together by rocking a blue ballet skirt and a fabulous orange top.

Finally, she represents the classy look any woman can wear. She has on a sleeveless white top, worn with different accessories including a necktie necklace, rings on her fingers, gorgeous earrings, matching bracelet, a nice watch and as usual the make up and hair live up to the star that she is. Her co-star, Washington does not disappoint. He also looks very cool in his dreads, shades, slightly baggy pants and the T-shirt. Confirming that Africa does have taste apart from the amazing talents.

The song has proven that Africa is now becoming a melting pot in terms of its music production. This is because, this is not the first collaboration, a Kenyan has had with an African from another country. We are glad that it is a simple song, and all it communicates is that we can also party using African themed songs. Bonbon is a French word that means candy, and clearly the song has lived up to its name. It is truly sweet. We are glad Amani is back and we are hoping to see more of these collaborations.

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