Early pregnancy is one of the things thought of as a taboo in African culture. Most young ladies who go through this experience often think that their lives are over. Amira Africa is an organization that seeks to turn that thought around for as many young ladies they can as well as help them cope with their situation and love themselves and their children.


This initiative was founded by Ms. Fiona Okadia, a student of Daystar University, on the 5th August 2014 in order to address the stigma that surrounds teenage, young adult and single motherhood at early ages. The organization is committed towards encouraging, elevating and motivating mothers especially the college and university student mothers in Africa.

Founder of Amira Africa, Ms Fiona Okadia

They have a support group and mentorship program for young pregnant mothers. They give a platform of interaction with anyone seeking to do so, on their website where they blog on various topics.

For instance, child safety, co- parenting, early motherhood, fashion & style in motherhood, fatherhood, food & health, motherhood &spirituality, postpartum depression, pregnancy, relationships, single motherhood, career, school life, and others.

They also hold events to empower young women with children. Such events provide for bonding and getting the moms’ minds off the children for a while. These activities enhance the capacity of women in our society.

Feel free to check out their website and be empowered.