Andrew .E. Alovi is not a stranger to the screens as he has graced countless award ceremonies, television shows and is the current Marketing Asset Manager for the Coca Cola Company. He also doubles as the Project Lead Manager for this year’s Coke Studio Season 4. He took out some time from his busy schedule to talk to me about his life changing career and what makes him stand out from the rest.

Here is what he had to say:

Who came up with the whole Coke Studio concept?

Coke studio is a Global Concept as it also runs in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and India.


What is your position in Coca-Cola?

I am the Marketing Asset Manager for the Southern and East Africa Business Unit.

Does your position synchronise with this project?

Yes it does as Coke Studio is an asset.

How did you get to be the Coke Studio Lead Project Manager?

It comes with the territory as the company saw my background and credentials and hired me.

What drives market sales to your company?

We as Coke sell the refreshment as it’s a fast consumer company. As long as there is thirst we sell.

Why did you decide to have two studios this year instead of one?

To improve our Technical Quality,to give us more ample sound to enhance our audio production instead of doing everything in the performance studio.


What are the profits or benefits of being involved in such a project?

Exposure to the whole world of film production. We get to learn about Music Production, appreciate different artists and backgrounds. It is a big plus for us.

Who decides and picks which artists should come through to the show especially International Artists?

The teens choose the artists. It’s a mechanism we use to listen to consumers, whereby we use a system to see who and what they want to see on the show.

How do you feel in terms of business when it comes to investing in upcoming or established artists?

It is the right thing to do. We have a passion of making music for Africans. It is a huge economy driver where we invest in art, music and sports especially football.

What message is being driven to the youth through Coke Studio?

To ‘Discover More’ in 2016 and expose different sides of the project to learn more about each other.

Describe the whole experience with Trey Songz. What else did he do while in Kenya?

It was very refreshing. He has an amazing personality and was very focused on work. He got unhappy when things were not done properly like when people wanted to take selfies with him while working. He did not feel superior to other artists and recognized other superstars. He is very talented, down to earth and humble. If he wanted to club he would be taken to the clubs around Nairobi. He exchanged his personal self with others. He shared meals with various artists, walked in the Nairobi Streets and spent 60% to 70% recording and working on the music aspect.


Are you planning to do something for local and upcoming artists?

We will still engage with the artists as Coke Studio comes as an extra layer. Like the annual Groove Awards is an extension of what we do. We work closely with all our bottling partners.

How far are you planning to take the whole show?

Worldwide. We want to make it available globally to expose and export all the content especially via YouTube.

Do you plan on having a concert to reward Kenyans for being loyal to the brand and bring one of the artists for the grand finale?

I can’t comment on that right now but we’ll communicate as soon as possible through the media.