Depression can be very fatal at times if not taken seriously by an individual and this is why it is very advisable to talk about issues you are going through to someone confidant who can understand you and at the same time someone who cannot judge you.

Jut last year, our own TV personality Anita Nderu was going through depression and the reception was not that good to her and today she has decided to share her story on what she went through during the phase of depression.

Anita shared how she almost decided to take her life just because of being depressed. Well, sometimes we have to keep our heads held up high and walk like there is no problems in our lives but there are other times that one cannot withstand the agony and pain they are going through.

I cried myself to sleep and cried every morning, my eyes were always puffy.I would RSVP yes to events, hire gowns etc then not go cause I did not want to be around people plus my eyes were puffy.
The people who caused all this still sleep soundly at night, I don’t get how but they do. To each their demons right? she wrote

God works in mysterious ways right? And for the radio presenter, He really played a big part in her life and the close relative and friends who also helped her.

Above all even the one night I cried so much I contemplated killing myself, guys I wanted to blow my brains out, I remember only @dunn_can thought I wasn’t okay that night when he saw me, I asked myself, are they worth it? No. God has a plan, he always does just hang in there boo.
I recently addressed this issue in a WhatsApp group, the person supposed to be impartial was so rude, I cried even more.
However I had no choice but to get over it and move on. I still see all of them from time to time, I will never stop being a nice person, I will however only allow positive energy and nothing else.
None of this or all of this might help you. Either way please note, assholes exist and they thrive off your misery. Find a way to be better, do better and live better.
It hurts yes but you would rather sleep with a clean conscience than not sleep at all.
God and Karma will deal with them boo.she added