Apple’s iPhone 7 is breaking the airwaves, a phenomenon that is synonymous to most Apple products. You have to give it to these guys when it comes to elite tech. But did you know these facts about the much anticipated iPhone?

  1. Its 15 months Away from Release.

The release date for Apple is well anticipated to be on September 2017, and we are not even done with the half of this year yet the phone has caused a major stir in the social media, thanks to a well-connected Apple blogger John Gruber. That’s just how legendary the iPhone brand is deemed

  1. Edgeless Display.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s is rumored to have an all-new factor which will see to it that the entire phone display screen is responsive to touch. This would mean that there would be no “chin” or “forehead” to the phone.


  1. No Home button.

If you were following you must have wondered about the practicality of the edge-less invention. This will also mean that the “Home” button is done away with. Apple intends to incorporate a touch ID in place of the 10 year long home button.

  1. iPhone Pro or iPhone 8

Talking of 10years, the release of the iPhone 7 will mark the 10th anniversary since the release of the first original phone. So among the things that are likely to change include the improvement of the LCD display to OLED or AMOLED which will give users a “faster and smoother” interactive interface.

  1. Curved glass Display

A little over-zealous that is but after having prior knowledge and the technology to back it up, Apple is rumored to want to do away with the aluminum cover and use glass instead. Having used the same on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, Apple believes this will give its users a “feeling of freshness”

  1. Speakers at the back.

Given the nature of the display, Gruber insinuates that the speakers and other sensors will be at located at the back of the phone. How practical that is, Varcity is yet to know.

  1. Rumors may affect sales.

The large amount of attention that has so far been directed to the iPhone 7, or iPhone Pro depending on who you ask, has raised concern among Apple officials. Should the mainstream media such as Wall Street journal or Time Magazine demystify or peel back the layers governing this mighty phone, sales for the iPhone 6 could lull, caused by consumers opting to wait for the major iPhone 7 series release.

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