Master of innovation Apple is on schedule to unveil their latest release, Apple Watch 2. The features that this watch will have will leave any tech lover in awe, let’s take a look.

Titanium body

Even though the design will still remain the same metallic square with a round crown for controls, the materials used will definitely change. Platinum and titanium will be employed in the production of this tech kit.

Health sensors

Even though most of the predecessors of Apple Watch have an in-built heart rate sensor, Watch 2 will advance its sensors by including a blood oxygen sensor. This is such an essential health monitor especially with the worry of cancer in relation to sugar intake. It will also feature a GPS module which would really come in handy for joggers, runners and cyclists.


In addition, Apple plans to include a built-in Face Time Camera, allowing users to make and receive video calls directly from their wrists. This might not go so well in public places but hey, haven’t you sometimes wished you would have that face-time by just glancing at your watch? Imagine the freedom and ease.

Water Proof and nanoSIM

Still, analysts believe that the Watch 2 will arrive with a slot for nanoSIM for a dependent smartphone experience. The only shortcoming that this would have is the excessive battery consumption, but it is well worth it. The watch is also believed to be water-proof.

Software Upgrade

The new Apple 2 watch will as sure as hell be built with a chip that uses the more 14-nanometer as opposed to the current 28-nanometer which will ensure more performance with longer battery life. Speculations are that Apple will release two version of this watch, the first with the said features and the other with a financial scheme which allows users to upgrade to the latest Apple Watch every year.

Release Date

Apple could launch the Watch 2 in mid-summer 2017 or as speculations have it, the watch could be released alongside the iPhone 7 in September.


The price is not yet known, but our good sources tell us that it should be a little in par with the £300 current market price.