Pranks are fun, just when you’re not the one being pranked. Our minds are often clogged with so much that we forget. And yes, this pranking culture on April fools’ may have died out bit but there are still people out there to get each other. Don’t be caught this time, here is how:

  1. Keep your eyes open.

Just because April fools’ stopped being important to you when you turned 10 doesn’t mean that this is the same for everyone else. So assume that you are actually going to get pranked and keep your eyes open the whole time.

  1. Avoid the internet if you can

This day might be the day of all of sorts of hoaxes even on the net. Social accounts get hacked, you might just get break up texts or death messages or cyber bullying and your emotions simply won’t remember that it’s April fools’-especially the females.

  1. Know who to mess with

If you plan to prank somebody, know who to mess with. Lay off the guys who are into pay back or the criers. Revenge pranks may come down heavily on you-unless you can handle it, just don’t do it. Don’t prank if you don’t want to be pranked.


  1. Play it cool

If you can smell a rat when your friends are talking to you just play it cool. Listen carefully and observe as much as you can but if you get pranked don’t get too mad, laugh it off, it is just a joke.


  1. Do not believe anything you hear

If you are gullible or too nice, you are a prankster’s main target. On April fools’, just for that one day, do not believe anything you hear. It’ll do you some good.

In the meantime, some funny pranks to help you with ideas: