With today being Plot Friday, we searched far and wide for the coolest hangout for the youth and it was quite surprising to know the answer. They say that the only way to hide a secret from Kenyans is to hide it in a book. Well, these days libraries are more packed than clubs. In Nakuru, local libraries are fully packed even during this holiday season. For University students it’s understandable because most have exams. A secondary student found at Kenya National Library Service in Nakuru said;

‘…I prefer this environment away from the noisy home environment. I am also able to access more learning materials,”

Surprisingly, by 8 am the library is so packed that there are no more free seats. People sit on the hallways and corridors to study. The Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) Nakuru branch, which has a capacity of 5,000 people, is facing a shortage of 4,700 chairs and 44 reading carrels. On construction the library was said to have a floor space of approximately 275sq metres with a sitting capacity of 140 adults and 50 children. However even that doesn’t seem to be enough. The library is well equipped with enough books and research facilities the only problem is the seats. I wouldn’t blame the government. Who would think that libraries would be such a favorite?

According to Purity Kavuri, who is in charge of the library, the facility receives an average of 800 adult learners when schools are in session and an average of 1,000 children. Over the years I’m sure she’s never seen this. Gathering from a Literature student, she’s impressed that Kenyans have embraced reading this much. An English teacher, Maxwell Njue had this to say;

 ‘It’s hard to believe that’s true…”

Libraries offer more services than just books and research materials. They also offer WiFi that is a service that librarians acknowledge brings people to the Nakuru Library. Paying only Ksh 20 to access unlimited internet services is a good deal. So no Kenyan would mind going at 8 am to secure a seat and use this internet for research. With this current generation WiFi is as good as life so now you know another reason why campus students would bear with this conditions.

” I’m urging the government to add the chairs and room to avoid our kids from getting sick trying this much to benefit from the facility,” says a residence of Nakuru town.

This is a both shocking and amazing situation. Given Nakuru is the Kenyan Vegas, It’s pleasing to see they read as hard as they party. It’s also a shame to see the public institution can not be of service to it’s people.