Are We Racists?


Recently the Deputy President’s pilot was forced to turn himself in for assaulting an officer.

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As much as both parties, the officer and the pilot, might have been trying to do their job, Kenyans were quick to label Alistair Llewelyn a racist. Not for one second thinking of what the lady might have said to provoke his reaction.

It is clear that the Mr. Llewelyn overstepped in dealing with the officer on the ground by taking her baton and pushing her around, labeling him is not in order. The incident was not only labeled an act of racism but also gender based violence.

For a moment change William Ruto’s pilot into a Kenyan woman who hit a Kenyan policewoman.

Would it still be considered gender based violence? Or racism? Is it possible that as Africans we victimize ourselves waiting to link any offense toward us to our skin colour or colonialism? FYI- the pilot’s nationality is Kenyan.

Food for thought.

What do you think, are we to an extent racists?? Tell us your thoughts below.