In an instance where it’s a huge loan, such as a bank loan, and you can’t clear in one payment, you need to visit any branch near you and re-negotiate the payment terms with your lender.

You’ll probably negotiate and agree on flexible instalments that you can manage to pay within an agreed period of time.

If you’re lucky enough to get your lender to agree to your request, he or she will write a letter to CRB to let them know you have complied with their terms.

In a bid to completely get off the hook, you will be required to obtain a CRB clearance certificate after paying Ksh 2200 processing fees.

Your certificate will then be issued after a week.

In an event where your lender isn’t interested in listening to your grievances, it’s advisable to completely clear the loan then visit the CRB offices to seek advice on how you’ll remove your name from the blacklist.