Friday is always a busy day for many city residents. It is characterized by a variety of activities. After a long week of working out, many people decide to commence their weekend on Friday eve.

A huge percentage of people know about different places where they can relax their mind. For most city dwellers, clubbing activities aren’t new to them. Both men and women find themselves at different joints all in the name of “Kula Hepi”

Some of the clubs attended by a majority of the city dwellers have to up their services to keep their mouths wagging for more. Tribeka, B-Club, Mercury Longue, Brew Bistro , Kiza Longue are some of the joints that most people love to visit.

Apart from music tunes that many love to dance to, most clubbing ballers love to drink and eat at these joints. As the weekend approaches, you’ll notice that the music from the numerous Nairobi night clubs gets louder.

Moreover, you can always be sure of a wide choice of drinks and menus that offer exquisite food that you’ll keep munching as you rave.

On the contrary,  we have a section of Christian stringent believers who throng various religious worship centers for night vigils. They go for keshas that last the whole night. Faith is their driven motive as they worship.

How do you spend your Fridays evening? Are you for clubbing or for keshas?