Are you in a career that’s likely to be rendered obsolete soon?

There has been an ongoing debate on some courses that are taught in the university and are irrelevant to our economy. Unfortunately when Professor Magoha listed some courses that need to scrapped off from university, some people hold certificates in the field.

Well it’s really saddening to have gone through the education system only to realize that your career line is obsolete. In the future , some of the professionals you see, may not last as we are moving to the digital world as we transcend.


Jobs most at risk of being replaced:


Insurance underwriters

Watch repairers

Cargo and freight agents




Library Technicians

Insurance claims

Loan officers


Biochemists and biophysicists

Electronic Engineers


Producers and directors

Physical therapists

Religious officials


Health practitioners

Civil engineers


List of Fake Degree Courses Rejected by CUE

Some of the 133 courses scrapped by Commission of University Education include:

  1. Bachelor of Art (Home Science)
  2. Bachelor of science in Aerospace Sciences in Logistics
  3. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences in Piloting
  4. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Security
  5. Leadership and Health Services Management
  6. Clinical Nutrition
  7. Public Health Nutrition
  8. Community Health and Development
  9. Bachelor of arts (history)
  10. Bachelor of Maritime Management
  11. Bachelor of Aviation Management
  12. Bachelor in Agricultural Economics
  13. Sc. (Biochemistry)
  14. Sc. (Botany)
  15. Sc. (Chemistry)
  16. Sc. (Mathematics)
  17. Sc. (Physics)
  18. Sc. (Zoology)
  19. BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
  20. BSc in Agricultural Extension Education
  21. BSc in Science (Rural Sociology)
  22. BSc in Seed Science
  23. BSc in Soil Science
  24. BSc in Irrigation and Land Use Management
  25. BSc in Crop Production
  26. BSc in Food nutrition
  27. BSc in Dry Lands and Sustainable Agriculture
  28. BSc in Management
  29. BSc International Diplomacy
  30. BSc Community Health
  31. BA Economics
  32. BA Political science
  33. BA Banking and Finance
  34. BA Religion
  35. BA Real Estate Management
  36. BA Tourism
  37. BA Hospitality Management
  38. Bsc Range Land and Wildlife Management
  39. Bsc Peace Science
  40. Bsc Leather and Textile Technology
  41. BSc Linguistics
  42. BA Anthropology
  43. Bsc Sport Science
  44. BA Mass Communication
  45. Life science
  46. BA Marriage Counselling.
  47. BA Conflict Management
  48. BA Front Office Management

If you find yourself in the wave of some of the courses you need to relook on your career path or else you will be rendered obsolete in the job search as a result of what you opted to do.

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