Are You Stereotypical?

We are living in a world where stereotypical acts are witnessed. Kenya in particular many people tend to be stereotypes when it comes to food,tribe,clothing, music among other diverse issues. What fuse do we have to mention in our stereotypical escapades?

The Genesis Of Stereos

We also pick up stereotypes from the world around us. We hear stereotypical talk, or see see stereotypical images. Family, friends, school, work, church, the media, etc.We think in terms of the categories we create from our experiences.  Those categories clarify the world for us, but they also over-simplify it.  At some point, those natural over-simplifications cross the line into stereotypes.

One of the stereotypical acts in Kenya that has overwhelmed many is on issues to do with tribes and ethnicity. Certain communities are branded different notions that aren’t quite ok. If you happen to stay in Kenya you tend to understand the name calling and ethnic profiling that comes along.

We’ve generalized some tribes in Kenya to have better brains as compared to others. Some tribes are also vividly seen as having beautiful women compared to others. Alternatively we’ve also extended this hand to say, some tribes produce men who are good in bed.

The extension has also been envisaged to some tribes that have good ability to do business in the country. All this creates humour and tension at the same time. Some stereotypical acts carry negative notions.

Sexism is also witnessed in our nation. When it comes to advertisements on our national programs, men are always seen doing adverts that are quite related to their sex. Have you ever seen women advertising cement, cars on your TV set?


We find ourselves describing people with ages,tribes,personality,religion that acts as our basis on being stereotypes. The education system has also contributed to the rise of stereotypical acts.

Effects of Stereos

For those people who tend to view all men as dogs and all women as weaklings and same tend to assume that there are a good percentage of people who are straight forward. This has impacted many even to miss getting their dream men and women due to the notion.

Certain communities may feel threatened especially when it comes to work and relationships. For instance, when you want to get married you tend to chose a tribe that you won’t experience torment.

The fear may continue even at work places as you may feel that certain tribes may bring you down on issues to do with ethnicity that might end up causing trauma to those who are stigmatized stereotypically.

In Comical shows, different comedians bring out comical reliefs whenever they shares issues that are quite stereotypical and the crowd ends up in a frenzy. In as much as we have negative impacts,some positive experiences comes to play.

How Stereotypical are you? Are you having positive or negative vibe?

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