Education is now considered a basic need. It is essential for the purposes of “kutoa ujinga” and having a bright future. Getting a college education however comes with status. People in the village will view you as a higher being due to this. However not everybody gets a piece of that cake. We do not all make it to university for various reasons. Money is the primary reason why most youth miss out on the golden opportunity. Another cause could be low KCSE grades among many other reasons.

You didn’t hack the university bit in life. Instead of mopping around and visualizing the end of the world, here is what to do:

  1. Find other modes of study

The beauty of the internet is that you can learn loads from it. Online schools are way cheaper and convenient. Take a writing or business course online. Or any other course you would like. Make sure however that the certificates they offer are legitimate.


  1. Get into business.

If you have the skill set for setting up a business then do so. This could also help with acquiring funds to attend university in the future. Njenga Karume was a primary school drop out and look how he ended up.


  1. Find a job.

It probably is not as easy as it sounds but there are jobs out there that require basic Form Four knowledge. Check out the newspapers and online platforms for such opportunities.


  1. Keep your brain active.

Reading sucks for most people but it is a great way to keep the brain alive. Be eager to learn new things in academics or skill. Some people are not just employed for what degree they hold but what they know. Nobody could take away from you what is in your brain.


  1. Stay positive always

Events and people will always try to weigh you down but keep those positive vibes up. Do not let anything get you down.

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