Ariana Grande held a concert in Manchester, England to honor the victims of the attack that claimed over 23 lives. The singer held a three-hour performance and made sure she kept her promise of returning to England. Ariana Grande had finished her performance when the attack happened at the Manchester Arena. The singer was moved by the attack and her performance on Sunday made up for the promise she had made.

The 23 year old pop singer performed in honor of the victims of the attack and the concert was full of people. This was a benefit concert and although there was doubts whether it would happen, fans did attend.

There was another attack on the London Bridge on Saturday but people still held on to the faith and attended the concert. According CBS news some concert attendees were doubtful to attend and most who came were still shaken by the previous attack that had happened on 22nd of May.

Ariana Grande had led other artists in sending her condolences to the victims and this concert was dubbed The One Love Manchester concert.

50 thousand people did attend the concert and Justin Beiber also wowed the crowd with a scintillating performance. The profits from ticket sales would go to all the victims of the attack.