To what extend will the University of Nairobi students go on expressing their grievances and want to be heard?

Saturday night, they were back at it. The root cause; “the no cooking in the hostels rule”.

They believe, it is very expensive to depend on buying food everyday. According to students, the administration has put into place reforms that are difficult to put into practice.

What seemed to be a ‘sniper’ secret demonstration on Friday night;  the students destroyed eateries within the school.


They went a notch higher by vandalizing the venue, where The Nishow Power Concert was to be held; forcing the organizers to postpone the event.

The students will cost the musicians who were to be the source of entertainment insurance headaches, since some of them left behind band equipment.


This vandalizing brought mixed reactions as some students, were shocked saying they should’ve at least stuck to destroying their school property and leave the outsourced stuff aside.

Twitter reacted:

But well, that’s UoN for you.