The crowd went wild when Arsenal beat Manchester United on the FA Cup quarter finals on Monday, 9th of March. It was a game so tight it kept everyone alert and at the edge of their seat!

At first, it was not rocket science to realize that the game belonged to Manchester after the exemplary performance of Maroune Fellaini and Wayne Rooney. However, Oxalade Chamberlain seemed quite adamant and found his way around Manchester’s defense with great ease, giving Monreal, who was away from the scuffle, the opportunity to score his second goal for Arsenal. That was a goal the keeper had nothing on!

After close to five minutes, the red devils equalized the score with a inch perfect cross from Di Maria and a diving header from Rooney in a somewhat crowded penalty area.

This is where the rubber met the road. The former Manchester player, Danny Welbeck, got into the middle of a miscalculated back pass to Dr Gea and dribbled swiftly past him to find a naked goal mouth… And he scores!

That is how, ladies and gentlemen, Arsenal beat the red devils in their own home. The friction, however, was topped by Di Maria’s outstanding ability to obtain two yellow cards in a span of five seconds! Who does that? The first one was due to simulation and the second was the last straw after he pulled the referee’s shirt. He faced a red card and had to be benched.

For the man who said he does not like Welbeck because he does not score, van Gaal’s manager position came under its most brutal and unforgiving scrutiny after his defense was split by the gunners in the match.

So, Arsenal won the battle and fans were besides themselves with bliss… What about the finals? I once heard someone say “Arsenal on top on the EPL table is as good as an elephant on a tree; nobody knows how it got there but all of us sure do know how it will fall!”

To the Arsenal fans, the eyes are on you… How far will you go? And to the rest of the football loving world; viva soccer!

By @AyooObala