ATTENTION! CNN, UN and More Internship Opportunities!


The long holiday has begun or is about to. Some people might want to chill but 3 months of constant chilling might get boring. Well, you could this time to earn yourself some money and experience so that when you are job hunting after graduation you have something to fill up that CV. Here are some Internship and Volunteering Opportunities available:

  1. AMREF

For the charitable heart, get to work with Amref which is an NGO mostly geared toward improving health situations among poor communities. Find here.


  1. Kuona Trust

If you are artistic and looking for a colorful holiday, apply at Kuona Trust by following the link here.


  1. Kenya Airways

This internship gives the chance for anyone in any field, try your luck here.


  1. United Nations

These opportunities are up for people in their final year of study for their first degree or graduates for their second degree. Apply here.


  1. Standard Chartered Bank

For an opportunity to work in bank check the link here.

  1. CNN

If you are a journalist, or studying to be one, here is one crazy opportunity. They asked for top of the class, but try out anyway. Apply here.

7. IT Interns

It isn’t clear what organization this is but they would like someone who can manage online sales. Send CV to