Do you fancy the title captain, the neat always ironed uniform that someone could mistake you for a major general something in the aviation industry? Or flying all over the world in a cockpit of an airplane as the pilot or co pilot? The career of being a pilot may range from cargo pilot, charter pilot, air taxi, flight instructor, military pilot, astronauts also known as space pilots among others.

To be a pilot the obvious math and physics competence comes in handy. A few technicalities here and there to be learnt and the technical terms are a must know on how aircraft works. Fear of heights is out of the question, calm under pressure is more like it.

Piloting in Kenya is advancing and becoming a popular career path. Form four leavers, joining aviation schools such as the one at Wilson Airport.  According to sources, flight school could take 18 months in Kenya, 6 months in the US and 14 months in South Africa, all depends on how well your pockets are full.

“It is a worthy course to take up, despite the large amount of fees involved. Since you will enjoy the fruits later.”

Says a young man who studies at Wilson Airport.

With the introduction of new policies such as adoption of modern aircraft that are fuel friendly and new training airpark that will cut fees by up to 16 per cent, as written on an article in the Daily Nation. This should result in an increase in numbers for new aviation students and promoting Kenyan flying schools instead of studying abroad.

Piloting and related studies has become an emerging and fast growing  segment of transportation. This trend will continue diffusing along with the need for greater development and the dynamism of technology. This is part of improving Kenya and reaching the vision 2030 target.