KWS lost six lions this morning and these kings of the wild are roaming in Lang’ata. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Lang’ata residents have fellas from the wild visiting their roads. Warthogs too frequent these roads.

They however aren’t as harmful as lions which could shred you in to pieces and make you dinner.

This is what to do in order to stay alive when you come across a wild animal.

1. Do not make the animal feel threatened

Wild animals, lions, elephants, snakes, monkeys, name them, only attack as means of defense. Lions particularly see other animals as food, not humans. If you try throwing a stick at it though, it will definitely pounce. You have a better chance at life by playing dead than playing Tarzan.

2. Keep the children away

Children are obviously smaller in size, easier to attack and are considered by animals to be easy prey. If you watched The gods must be Crazy movie, there is a reason the little children holds up a stick above his head while faced by a hyena. It gives the hyena the impression that it is taller, bigger in essence. So the hyena runs away in fear.

3. Do not panic

If you are a screamer, tape your mouth if need be. Panicking causes the animal to panic as well. This is not good. Both human beings and animals are likely to attack when in fear. That is why bees release stings, because they feel alarmed. If a showdown happens between you and a lion, I am sure you won’t be the winner.


4. Run if you can, if you can’t, give the animal way to escape

Do not be tempted to carry out the Kenyan tradition of going towards trouble. If you are far enough to escape, do so. This is if you are not within range of the animal. If you are within range, the animal will think that you want to play and play it shall. It will chase and catch you…and probably eat you. If the animal is close just stand still or give it way to escape. Never form a crowd around a wild animal, it will feel threatened and it will harm somebody.